Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Q1. Does RentalPoint Software run on a Mac?
A1. Yes RentalPoint3 runs on a Mac in a browser such as Safari, Edge or Chrome
Q2. Does RentalPoint Software run on a tablet?
A2. RentalPoint3 can run on Tablets, Smart phones, desktops, Macs, Laptops using most common browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox
Q3. If I don't like the software how can I cancel.
A3. You can cancel online by clicking a button on this site, no notice is required.
Q4. How can I see a demo of the software
A4. We have a common demo of the software that is a real version of the software with a demo data base, it is open to all who wish to give the real thing a try, contact us and we will provide the link and a password to log on